If you or someone you know is facing a charge of theft, you’ll already know that the situation can be extremely serious and highly concerning. In terms of the law, a theft is different from a robbery, because the latter charge usually involves a degree of either threatened or actual violence, such as that found in an assault. Put simply, theft is a wrongful appropriation of something that belongs to someone else.

The penalties for a theft conviction can vary greatly, often depending in a large part on the value of the items that are stolen. This is a crime that can involve everything from shoplifting a handful of items in a supermarket to the theft of valuable artworks, jewellery and large amounts of cash. It can also cover cases where an item was found and not returned to the original owner.

As well as a fine and a possible jail sentence, those who are charged with theft could face long-term consequences in regard to damage to their reputation. Finding a job after you’ve been convicted of theft will often be more difficult, for instance. If you’ve recently been accused of such a crime, it’s so important to engage the services of legal specialists who will fight hard to deliver a not guilty verdict on your behalf.

Here at MML Law, we’ve worked for many years on cases such as yours, and we’ve rightly earned a reputation for taking a tough, determined approach from the very start. We can provide all the advice and guidance you’ll need, and we can see you through the whole process, from liaising with the police to representing you in a court of law. Our focus, at all times, is on achieving the best possible outcome for you.

There are several factors in cases of theft that can make things more difficult for the defendant, including of course the value of every item involved. If thefts are deemed to be aggravated, the penalties could be more severe, for example, and if the defendant has previous convictions a guilty verdict could bring a tougher sentence. Thankfully, our skilled and experienced legal professionals are on hand to help.

It’s often the case that the defendant finds the whole experience stressful, frightening and complex, but it’s important to know that you don’t have to face such a situation on your own. Our team will explain each stage of the process clearly, and will handle your case in a sympathetic and understanding manner. We’ve received many plaudits over the years for our client care, so you know you’ll be in good hands.

Whether your particular case is a clear and simple one or it’s fraught with a number of complexities, we would like to hear from you. We know what you are going through, and what your loved ones are experiencing, so our knowledge of the law and our attention to detail will be just what you need right now. To find out more, contact MML today on 01382 206000 or at We hope we get to hear from you very soon.

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