Murder/culpable homicide


Murder/culpable homicide

The intentional killing of another person is, in the eyes of the law in Scotland, considered to be murder. This is of course a serious crime, and a successful conviction will carry a mandatory life sentence for the perpetrator. There may be mitigating factors in any given case, such as self-defence or undue provocation. In some instances, charges may be downgraded to one of culpable homicide instead.

The differences between a murder and a culpable homicide can be something of a grey area at times, but there are important distinctions that need to be taken into account. As a general rule, a culpable homicide is where a death has occurred, and it wasn’t either justified nor was it accidental. An individual who is accused of such a crime is thought to have not actually intended to cause a death.

In examples of violent crime that didn’t result in the death of an individual, the accused could be facing charges of attempted murder, serious assault and more. In the case of attempted murder or attempted homicide, prosecutors may pursue the maximum sentence possible, which is life imprisonment, because it can be considered to be just as serious as murder.

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