Benefit Fraud


Benefit Fraud

Benefit fraud is something of an umbrella term covering a range of potential charges, in relation to benefits such as child tax credits, income support, pension credits, housing tax benefits, child benefit, working tax credits and more. Even in cases relating to only a few pounds per week, the amount of money involved can be significantly high after a period of months or years.

If you’ve been under investigation of any form of benefit fraud and you are suspected of breaking the law, you should be speaking to the specialists at MML Law immediately. This is an issue that’s taken extremely seriously by the courts these days, and in many instances successful prosecutions have resulted in jail sentences. Robust and effective legal representation is an absolute must-have.

In many cases, investigations in this area begin with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), the local authority or HMRC. Allegations of benefit fraud, as well as potentially involving a jail sentence, can lead to hefty financial punishments and long-term damage to an individual’s reputation. The importance of mounting a robust defence really cannot be overstated.

Those accused of benefit fraud are often first made aware of suspicions when they are asked to attend an interview with the relevant authorities. Our lawyers have attended many such interviews, providing vital support and guidance through what can become a highly stressful situation. If you’ve been asked to attend such a meeting, you should consider making a call to MML Law first.

There could be different reasons for a benefit fraud to have occurred, such as the failure to report a change in circumstances or an act of deliberate dishonesty. Prosecutors in general have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the individual’s actions were deliberate and intentional, and as a result of this cases that go to court are often highly complex.

Given the severity of such allegations and the potential sentences that can result from a prosecution, those charged with benefit fraud have to be made aware of the serious situation that they are involved in. The knowledgeable and experienced team of legal experts at MML Law can guide you through the whole process and offer the support that you’ll need throughout.

If you’ve been accused of benefit fraud or even if you’re merely under suspicion, a call to MML Law should be at the top of your agenda. We’re available right now on 01382 206 000, so please get in touch today.

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