Regulatory Representation


Regulatory Representation

If your professional regulatory body has concerns over your fitness to practice due to information received from a member of the public or your employer they can commence disciplinary proceedings against you.

If this happens, you may receive correspondence from your regulator. We understand this can be an extremely worrying and stressful time. At MML Law, we have the experience and expertise to support and represent you at these difficult times.

Many professions are regulated by an official regulatory body. These include health and social care professionals, solicitors, dentists, doctors, lawyers and pharmacists.

Our team of lawyers are experienced in Scotland at supporting people faced with a regulatory investigation.

There are various bodies in the UK who are tasked with regulating particular groups of professionals to ensure that they are fit to practice. Generally, all health and social care professionals who work in the UK must be registered with the appropriate regulator.

The regulators our lawyers regularly appear in front of are:

Because MML Law are based in Dundee, it is often cost effective to instruct solicitors from Dundee in relation to cases involving the SSSC. If you require to appeal any decision of the SSSC this requires to be lodged in Dundee Sheriff Court and we are in a prime position to assist.

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