Do you have home or business insurance? Not a lot of people even realise they have legal expenses cover under an insurance policy. For a relatively small monthly sum you can add this to your policy. In the event you need to raise or defend legal proceedings, your legal fees could be entirely covered.

We can talk you through the process, address the criteria and help you get your legal fees paid.

This is an arrangement between a client and their solicitor wherein the solicitor’s legal fees are only payable in the event the instruction is successful. The risk is entirely with the solicitor as if they do not recover compensation, they do not get paid. The solicitor fees can be up to 30% of any compensation recovered.

Contact us to find out more about this type of funding.

Very similar to a no win no fee arrangement or a DBA. Again, the risk is entirely with the solicitor as if they do not recover compensation, they do not get paid.  The main difference with this type of agreement is that when compensation is recovered, the fees are based on the work done on the normal hourly rate of the solicitor as opposed to a percentage.

If you are concerned about legal fees when paying privately, we can offer fixed fees for certain legal services that can be paid up in instalments. This flexible approach works well by agreeing in advance the fees that will apply to pieces of work which is subject to regular review.

Our firm is renowned for the results we get for clients. If you have to pay for legal services, our specialist team of experienced solicitors will ensure you get the result you are looking and value for money. We offer a first class service which is results based. Contact us to find out more details about any costs for the legal services you require.

Crowdfunding is the use of small amounts of money from a large number of individuals to fund litigation. This is often the result of an online campaign to highlight the cause which in turn can ease the pressure on any associated legal fees. We can assist you with the crowdfunding process and take on cases which are funded in this manner. Get in touch to find out more.

This involves an application to access public funds from the government to fund your legal advice. There are lots of different types of legal aid for all different types of cases. The criteria for qualifying  can be complicated. More information can be found on the Scottish Legal Aid Board Website www.slab.org.uk or contact us to find out more.

We are a community based firm that strongly believes in access to justice. Every year we take on several cases on a Pro bono where we represent people without any charges. We welcome applications and these are decided by the Partners on a case by case basis. If you have a case that you would like us to consider please get in touch.

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