Breach of the Peace


Breach of the Peace

To the casual observer, an allegation of breach of the peace may sound as if it’s a relatively minor crime, but in Scotland it can cover a range of eventualities, some of which can be extremely serious. Breach of the peace can include shouting or swearing at someone, causing fear or alarm to an individual, causing a disturbance in the community and following a person in the street. It also covers the sending of malicious or abusive text messages. The maximum penalty for a conviction is a fine of several thousand pounds and a 12-month jail sentence.

Breach of the peace cases come under Section 38 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010, and are usually handled by the Justice of the Peace Court or, in the more serious cases, the Sheriff Court. If you’ve been accused of this crime, you need to have effective, experienced legal specialists in your corner right from the very start. The repercussions for you can be highly damaging, so make sure you engage the services of the most skilled professionals.

Here at MML Law, we’ve helped many people just like you over the years, providing strong support and mounting robust defence cases. We’ll do all we can to fight on your behalf right from the start, with a view to helping you towards the best possible outcome. We’ve successfully defended people in cases that cover the full range of issues that come under the breach of the peace umbrella, so we’re in the perfect position to assist.

If convicted, you could face far more than a jail sentence. If you’re fined as well, you’ll potentially endure financial hardships as you attempt to pay the full amount, and of course there could be serious damage to your personal reputation. A breach of the peace incident could potentially happen in just a few seconds, and it’s also worth noting that a police officer will be able to arrest a suspect without the need for a warrant. Therefore, the best and strongest legal representation is a must.

While some breach of the peace cases may seem a little straightforward, when they go before the courts they are often extremely complex. Trying to prove guilt or innocence can be a convoluted process, and that’s why you need the finest legal specialists on your side.

The sensible option is to get in touch with MML Law at the earliest possible opportunity. We’re based in Dundee and we have all the experience and tenacity that your situation demands. To start the ball rolling, simply call 01382 206 000 for a friendly, no obligation chat with the team. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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