At MML Law our family law experts are dedicated to assisting clients through the difficulties of a relationship breakdown. We do our best to offer the practical support needed during the disruption and distress of separation and divorce. In the event that court proceedings are required, MML Law have a team of confident and experienced litigators with experience all aspects of family related court actions.

We offer a comprehensive service in relation to the following matters:


We provide advice on all aspects of your separation with a view to you and your spouse, cohabitant or partner reaching an agreement in writing wherever possible. Agreements can cover all matters of importance arising from your separation such as child care arrangements; child support; transfers of title or tenancy of the former family home; pension sharing and all other financial matters.


Need a divorce? Whether it’s simplified or straight forward after a year or two or an emergency requiring a fast and robust court response, we can help.


Every parent tries to do what is right for their children following a separation. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult for parents to agree the best way forward and that is where we come in. We can help you negotiate sensibly to reach agreement or get your case into court where that is not possible.


Brothers and sisters of all ages can end up on opposite sides of the fence after a separation through no fault of their own and can often lose contact with their siblings as a result. We can help ensure siblings can maintain contact with each other.


The importance of Grandparents in the lives of their Grandchildren can be huge. Many Grandparents care for their children on a full-time basis where Mum and Dad cannot. In these circumstances they might need a Residence Order and we provide a full court service in this regard. Grandparents can also end up side-lined following the separation of their Grandchildren’s parents. We can negotiate contact on your behalf where this has happened or get your case into court where agreement is out of reach.


Taking that next step in your relationship can be massive leap forward. Entering an agreement beforehand gives you the security you may need to do that.


We offer advice and assistance, including court representation, in Children’s Hearings proceedings from Child Protection Orders to Compulsory Supervision Orders to hearings on permanence.


If you are under 25 years of age and in full-time education then you may be entitled to claim aliment from your parents to help support you through your higher education.


The blending of families often means the step-parents take over the role of Mum or Dad. We can help with step-parent adoptions and provide advice and representation at all stages of the adoption process whether the prospective adopter is a step-parent or otherwise.

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