Complaints Procedure


Complaints Procedure


If you find that you have a concern about your business or how it is progressing, you should always in the first instance discuss this with the staff member who is working for you.

Alternatively, you should raise the matter with the partner who is responsible for your business, either in the appropriate department of the firm, or the partner who is your usual point of contact, if that is different. The responsible partner will try to sort out any problem that may have occurred.

If you are still dissatisfied after this, or if for any reason you feel that you cannot deal with the responsible partner, you may wish to discuss your problem with the firm’s Client Relations Partner, who is John Muir, Senior Partner. He has been appointed by the partners to ensure that clients who have a justified complaint have their concerns listened to and dealt with by someone who has not been directly involved with the case.

You will be asked to put your concerns in writing. Once he is aware of the nature of a complaint, the Client Relations Partner will make investigations and do what he can to ensure that the difficulty is remedied as quickly as possible, depending on the nature of the problem. This may be immediately in the case of a minor matter, but it may take some time for a client’s concern to be looked into properly. In serious or complex cases, it may be necessary for a matter to be referred to the firm’s Board for a decision.

A meeting will sometimes be useful, but it will often be more appropriate to deal with matters in writing or by telephone. If after this process is complete you think that the matter has still not been resolved to your satisfaction, you may take the matter further.You may complain to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission.

Their address is:

The Stamp Office, 10 – 14 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3EG Phone: 0131 201 2130

Fax: 0131 201 2131

The SLCC are unable to deal with any complaint until the firm has had a reasonable opportunity to deal with the complaint under its internal procedures.

Any complaint to the SLCC must be made to them within one year of the service ending or the conduct occurring. However, SLCC will disregard any time it considers that a complainer was excusably unaware of their concerns.

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