Dispute Resolution


Dispute Resolution

MML Law have extensive experience of representing individuals and companies where disputes have not been resolved in or out of court.

We provide advice on all aspects of dispute resolution, from contractual disputes, debt recovery, property and services disputes, landlord and tennant issues, professional licensing disputes and construction disputes with contractors and traders.

MML Law’s Dispute Resolution team know how to get the best results from any bad situation, so give us a call today!


We provide advice on all aspects of Contractual Disputes, whether someone has not paid you for goods or services provided, has not provided you with goods or services that you have paid for, or has provided you with goods or services but they are faulty or not up to standard. We can help you enforce your contract or claim damages for a breach of a contract.


We provide advice on all aspects of debt recovery. We will try and recover your money quickly and amicably in the first instance. If that fails, we can assist in Court Proceedings, whether in the Sheriff Court or Court of Session, from inception through to conclusion. Once a Decree (Court Order) is obtained, physically getting your money from a person or Company is a different matter. We can give advice on all aspects of diligence and various ways you can try to recover what is owed to you.


We provide advice to private Landlords who require to pursue rent arrears or evict tenants from their property. We can assist in lodging claims in Housing and Property Chamber First-tier Tribunal for Scotland or Sheriff Court in limited circumstances. We can also provide advice to tenants who are facing eviction or require repairs to be carried out to the property.

We can assist Commercial Landlords and Tenants on all aspects of Commercial Leases, to include preparing new Leases and enforcement of obligations, to pursuing rent and evictions.


We provide advice to homeowners who have instructed building works to their properties, whether that be extensions or conversions, which are unfortunately defective in some way. Alternatively, a purchaser may have identified defects in a new build property and the builder is refusing or delaying in carrying out snagging. We can help try are reach an amicable conclusion whereby works are carried out by the builder or a third party, assist in Alternative Dispute Resolution or pursue the builder for damages for breach of contract in the Sheriff Court or Court of Session.


Do you have a neighbour or other party who is infringing your property rights? Is someone doing something that is interfering with your enjoyment of your property? We provide advice on all aspects of property disputes and can take appropriate action including raising an interdict action to stop someone doing something, or raising an action of specific implement, to make someone do something in accordance with the Title Deeds.


If you require a Licence for your trade or profession from the Local Authority, we can help you apply for a Licence, whether that be Liquor Licencing, taxi drivers, Houses of Multiple Occupancy or late night catering to Firearms. We can provide representation if you need to appear before the Licencing Committee. If your Licence is taken away from you, we can provide advice on a possible Appeal to the Sheriff Court.

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