As a general rule, assault cases involve the use of physical force to injure an individual or even just to cause alarm, and as a result allegations of assault can be extremely serious. Those charged and prosecuted in such cases can end up facing a lengthy jail sentence, depending of course on the relevant circumstances, such as the intent of the assailant and the injuries suffered by the victim.

If you are faced with allegations of assault, you should be talking to the team at MML Law at the earliest possible opportunity. We’ve spent many years defending clients in cases just like yours, working tirelessly and regularly delivering positive outcomes. Our criminal defence lawyers have a comprehensive knowledge of the relevant laws, allied to a great deal of experience in this particular field. If you’ve been charged with assault, whether you’re innocent or not, or perhaps if you believe you acted in self-defence, we’d like to hear from you.

A number of different charges can result from an assault case, such as grievous bodily harm, actual bodily harm, common assault, aggravated assault and assaulting a police officer. In order to reduce the risk of imprisonment, you should engage the services of skilled legal professionals. MML Law, with experience in both Sheriff Court and High Court cases, really should be your first port of call.

With the right team by your side, the chances of acquittal or a lessening of the relevant charges are increased, so make sure you don’t use an inexperienced or ineffectual law firm. Assault in any form represents a highly serious charge of criminal behaviour, so it makes sense to engage the right people, ones that can bring you and your family a heightened chance of a successful outcome.

In Scotland, you can be charged with assault for relatively minor physical actions, and even for throwing a punch that didn’t connect with the victim at all. It’s so important to speak to our team at the earliest opportunity, so we can then mount a strong case to defend you. Scottish courts take all assault cases seriously, and that’s why you need to have the right team of specialists in your corner from the start.

To find out more are the advantages that come from engaging the services of MML Law, be sure to contact the team today. Whether you’re the individual who has been charged or you’re a family member, you can be sure of an understanding and sympathetic approach. Just call 01382 206 000 to start the process. We hope you’ll be in touch soon, and that we get the opportunity to provide the defence that you need at what is always a very difficult time.

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