Criminal Law


Criminal Law

Being accused of a criminal offence is an experience that can be devastating, not only for you, but for your family and loved ones.

Expert legal advice, whether at a police station, in court, or our office is paramount in assisting you through what can be one of the most anxious situations you will experience. MML Law’s Criminal Litigation Unit has the expertise and experience to assist you no matter what the allegations are.

We not only give you the best advice but representation of the highest calibre. Do not face the accusation or allegation made against you alone – Instruct MML Law to act on your behalf.

The MML Law Criminal Litigation Unit is recognised as one of Scotlands foremost experts in their field. Our reputation for excellence in the preparation, presentation and conduct of cases has been rightly earned over the last 25 years. Our team advises and represents clients in all stages of the criminal process throughout Scotland.

We guarantee the utmost confidentiality, discretion and professionalism when dealing with your case; whether your case is legally aided or privately funded.. Call us NOW to talk to one of our team.

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