Accident / Negligence


Accident / Negligence

    MML Law have been assisting clients with accident, medical and personal injury claims for more than 25 years. You have three years from the date of an accident/medical negligence to raise a claim for compensation.

    Speak to us today if you’ve been injured or physically impaired through no fault of your own. Occasionally, those responsible for carrying out medical procedures can make mistakes, and treatment may fall below the appropriate standard. If this happens, MML Law can assist and advise you.


    The legal test for medical negligence is high and difficult to meet but MML Law have substantial expertise in the area and a proven track record of successful outcomes for our clients.  We would be happy to provide guidance and assistance regarding litigation in this complex field and understand making a claim may be very difficult and stressful process.


    Road Traffic Accidents can vary from Low Speed Impact causing whiplash type injuries to high speed collisions causing life changing injuries and everything in between. Each are important and complex in their own right. If the accident was not your fault, we can help you seek compensation for your injuries as well as compensation for medical treatment going forward, loss of earnings and any other out of pocket expenses. At MML Law, we have experience of raising low value injury/whiplash claims in local Sheriff Courts, to high value injury claims in the All Scotland Personal Injury Court or Court of Session.


    Each work place environment is different, and each have their own individual risk factors, whether that be working outside, in a factory or office based. Unfortunately, accidents happen across a broad range of workplaces every day in Scotland, for a variety of reasons. These may include faulty/dangerous equipment including personal protective equipment (PPE), a lack of risk assessment, inappropriate training, unsafe manual handling procedures or even illness through inhalation of harmful materials. Your employer is expected to take steps to protect you against the risk of an accident at work. If you have suffered an accident at work, you may be entitled to compensation. We will actively and vigorously pursue the compensation you deserve.


    A serious injury can be one of the most traumatic things in life. These can include injuries to the spine/spinal cord, brain, amputation of limbs or serious burns. The effects can be life changing. We can help recover compensation to assist with your rehabilitation, specialist nursing care, aids or adaptations to your home and loss of future earnings. Unfortunately, some people pay the ultimate price and lose their life as a result of an accident. In these circumstances, certain family members may be entitled to seek compensation from the person who caused the accident known as a ‘loss of society’ claim. We will always treat and person or family member involved in a serious or fatal accident claim with the utmost respect and compassion. These types of claims are often high value and very complex. Over the years we have accumulated a fantastic database of medical experts and advocates who specialise in such claims to ensure the person involved in the accident or their family get the maximum compensation available.


    At MML Law we offer a variety of funding options to ensure our clients have access to justice. We are happy to look at Legal Aid funding with you. We offer a Speculative Fee Arrangement, which is effectively a ‘no win no fee’ arrangement. If your case is not successful, you will not be charged. If you are successful we will recover our fees from the opponent and/or their insurer. If the case is complex and various expert reports are required which is often very expensive, we can involve a third party case funder to pay all upfront costs meaning you pay nothing upfront. We are more than happy to discuss all funding options with you in detail. Call MML Law to make an appointment today.

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