Wills and Estate Planning


Wills and Estate Planning

The MML Law team has many years of experience in wills and estate planning, allied to an in-depth knowledge of the legal requirements that surround such processes. One thing we’ve always found is that everyone’s financial affairs and personal goals are different to all the rest. Your own situation is as unique as you are, and that’s why we always go the extra mile to provide a truly bespoke service.

There are so many issues that we have encountered in this area, including estate administration, inheritance tax, powers of attorney, contested wills, family trusts, executries, shares, pensions and even assets that are located overseas. And while it’s highly important for everyone to have a will drawn up, we’ve also dealt with many others who died intestate, without a will in place at all.

One of the more common reasons for our team to be engaged is the sheer complexity of having to cope with someone’s assets after they die. For the average person, the complications can be daunting, and sometimes even overwhelming, so using a skilled professional who knows what to do next can be vital. Our aim, as always, is to bring our clients the peace of mind they need at such a difficult time.

We understand, of course, that it’s not always easy for people to come to us and talk about complex financial matters, but you can rest assured that we make a great effort to put you at your ease from the start. Our approach is friendly, sympathetic and professional, so you’ll find it simpler than you may have thought to discuss your particular situation.

For most people, irrespective of the size of their estate, the most important issue lies in passing assets to the right people and at the right time. And of course it’s worth noting that relations between individuals, whether family members or friends, can be somewhat fluid, so a will that was created ten years ago, for example, may not be suitable at all right now. Thankfully, changing wills through MML Law is a simple, uncomplicated process.

Too many people avoid drawing up a will because they think they’re too young to start thinking about this matter. Our years of experience have shown us that this is an all too common mistake. Protecting your assets and looking after your loved ones should be considered at the earliest possible stage, and of course once you have had the will created you can then relax knowing that this particular box is ticked.

There are a great many law firms in Scotland and across the UK who can help you with wills and estate planning, of course, but very few will have the years of experience and the attention to detail that we have. Our reputation speaks for itself, so be sure to call MML Law soon on 01382 206000 or contact us via email on legalservices@mmllaw.co.uk. We look forward to helping you, and to bringing you the satisfaction that comes from knowing you have done the right thing.

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