Power of Attorney


Power of Attorney

If that person has worked hard all their life to provide for the family, it can be heart-breaking to see them making wrong decisions without even being aware of the consequences. The intervention of a reliable individual at this stage can be crucial.

Here at MML Law, we’ve offered vital advice and guidance for a vast array of clients in the past, helping them to protect the ones It’s a sad but inevitable fact that many people end up not being able to take care of all their affairs. This could be due to issues such as illness, incapacity, an accident or, perhaps most common, old age. For men and women who have been quite happy to run their own affairs all their lives, this can be a particularly difficult prospect to face up to.

In order to ensure the smooth management of the individual’s needs, it’s a good idea to appoint an attorney, and this can be done with the creation of a legally binding power of attorney document. This is usually drawn up by a legal specialist, and it names a person, sometimes but not always a relative, who then has the authority to handle the person’s affairs.

There are two main types of document. A continuing power of attorney relates usually to that person’s properties and the handling of their financial dealings. A welfare power of attorney is a separate entity, and it’s in regard to the individual’s future health and welfare requirements. In many instances, the same person is named as attorney in both categories, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.

The power of attorney is a hugely important document, and without it loved ones may find it difficult to administer affairs in a smooth and beneficial manner. Unfortunately, this can often require a court visit. As many people’s health deteriorates gradually over time, there is often an early warning sign that this is the going to be the correct action to take.

There’s a major difference between a power of attorney and a guardianship. In the latter case, the process is often granted when an individual isn’t capable of making their own decisions. This isn’t the case with a power of attorney document. If you’re not sure which of these processes will best match your needs, the specialist team at MML Law will be happy to explain and advise.

One of the reasons why the granting of a power of attorney is so important is the need to protect the individual’s financial they love via a power of attorney. We have many years of experience and a thorough approach to giving clients the peace of mind they need to provide protection at a time when it’s most needed.

To find out more about power of attorney procedures, all you have to do is get in touch with us. Call the team today on 01382 206000 or get in touch via legalservices@mmllaw.co.uk instead. We hope we get to hear from you soon.

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