Long Term Care Planning


Long Term Care Planning

While we all want to live, a long, happy and healthy life, there’s a very real chance that disability, illness or old age will inevitably lead to the need for long-term care. This is an issue that millions of people in the UK have to face up to at some point, and it’s never an easy and straightforward process. For many, the complexities involved will merely add to the stress of the situation.

Long-term care is sometimes provided through the National Health Service, or with the assistance of a local authority, but if you have assets much of the cost could end up being down to you. And if you’ve worked hard all your life to obtain a property in which to live and savings to help you get by, you could end up losing a sizable proportion to pay for your care.

If you or a loved one are about to enter a long-term care facility, there will be a number of loose ends that will require attention. They can include making decisions on the type of care that’s required, whether it can be achieved in the individual’s own home or in a dedicated care facility. Financial arrangements can also become complicated, so specialist guidance can prove vital.

There are a number of misconceptions about long-term care and how it’s paid for. One of the biggest and most common of these is the idea that you can simply gift large sums of money to family members before financial assessments are made about your ability to pay for your care. Local authorities can, and usually will, go back many years over your financial details to ensure this hasn’t happened.

MML Law has an experienced and trusted legal team that can help you through all aspects of this difficult field. We can talk you through all the options that are open to you and your family, helping you to achieve the best possible outcome in what is always a sensitive area. Thanks to our many years of representing clients and our in-depth knowledge of the current legislation, we can provide you with guidance based on every possible eventuality.

Whether the situation you face involves yourself or a family member, whether the individual concerned is going into a care home or is looking to receive care within their own home environment and whether Power of Attorney is or isn’t involved, we can help you. Given the importance of every decision that’s about to be made, it’s reassuring to know that skilled, experienced professionals can be on hand to help you make the right choices.

MML Law is based in Dundee, and we have been providing legal solutions for individuals, families and businesses for many years. We offer the personal touch that you and your loved ones need right now, so we hope that you’ll get in touch with us soon. Please call 01382 206000 to find out more about the difference that we can make at such an important time.

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