MML To Broker Deal For Dundee City FC

MML To Broker Deal For Dundee City FC

MML Law are delighted to have been appointed to broker the deal for the merger of Dundee FC and Dundee United FC to create Dundee City FC.

Occupying a prime spot in the waterfront development, the creation of the new Dundee Bowl, a 70,000 all seater stadium with retractable roof will be the new home for Dundee City FC.

A spokesperson for Dundee Football said “with the esteemed history of both clubs combining, a new super power in Scottish football will be created to break the stranglehold on the SPL by the old firm.”

Dundee United spokesperson further commented “Milan is a prime example of a fantastic city with two fantastic teams who share a fantastic stadium. We’ve gone one step further to combine resources and create a team which Dundee can be truly proud of, one which once again can challenge for European honours.”

When undertaking such a mammoth challenge involving so many intricacies, it is logical to find a partner who has the skills, resources and ability to conclude such complex actions quickly. Dundee FC & Dundee United FC are delighted MML Law have accepted the appointment.

Resignations have been severed to the SPL and a joint application made to the SFA.

An SFA spokesperson confirmed “We have accepted the resignations of Dundee FC and Dundee United FC from the SPL at the end of season 22/23. We can confirm that we have accepted Dundee City to the SPL for season 23/24 and will be promoting accordingly from the Scottish Football tiers.”

Speculation has been rife that Arbroath, Montrose, Forfar and Brechin are all amalgamating to create Angus United and will be accepted to the SPL for the 23/24 season.

The SFA spokesperson declined to comment on the Angus United rumour.

MML Law commented “We look forward to helping deliver the vision of  Dundee City FC and creating more success for Dundee on and off the park. If any of the Angus teams are reading this, just call.”

Dundee City Council welcomed the announcement and commented “With the Dundee Bowl occupying a prime location on the Waterfront, additional footfall will be generated for Dundee. In addition, with the only transport modes being bus, train or the new park & ride, we will continue to improve the emissions and make Dundee the greenest city in Scotland.   

Dundee City FC reminded Dundee City Council the city was Blue & Tangerine, not green. 

Good luck Dundee City FC! 

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